A bespoke service - Individual attention of individual needs

Every one of our dedicated team understands the need to work with, and consider, our contractors as individuals, with individual needs unique to them. We provide a bespoke service for every contractor on every contract, taking into consideration that particular set of needs. We do not provide a service or operate with the ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Honesty, transparency and reliability are all words we use to describe how International Umbrella operates, and the services we provide to our contractors, recruitment consultants and end clients. We understand that working abroad, away from family and friends, for periods of time can be an isolating experience. This is why we look to provide not only a service but also support with a ‘can do’ attitude, and always with a friendly approach.

The services that we provide:

  • PAYE locally – including Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain and other countries – please enquire

  • Daily payment upon receipt of funds


  • UK Ltd company advice

  • Gross payment – revenue declaration support

  • Professional Indemnity cover – free

  • Public and Private liability insurance – free

  • Tax efficient treatment of all approved expenses according to local ( work country)  regulations

  • No call centres – each call is handle by our dedicated team from our company office

We do not do Tax returns and declarations in any country, but we do provide the contractor with their earnings figures and expense information, enabling them to provide these declarations to the revenue themselves.

By using International Umbrella contractor, recruitment agencies and end clients can expect:

  • Speedy and exact payment transfer by BACS into designated bank account.
  • Support from a team of award winning specialist international accountants.
  • Advice and backing from a knowledgeable UK based specialist international umbrella service.
  • No contracting-out to overseas call centres.
  • Transparent fees with no penalties, hidden clauses or unnecessary set up charges.
  • Timely communication with your approval between contractor, recruiter and end-client.
  • Expert advice regarding leaving and returning to the UK.

A service designed to support all contractors regardless of nationality or industry sector.

Our Services:


Recruitment Agencies

End Clients


 "Our service is designed to support all contractors regardless of nationality or industry sector."

Our Services

  • PAYE locally – including Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Spain and other countries – please enquire.

  • Delivering tax efficient solutions across Europe and Internationally from the dedicated UK office.

  • Best practice – we work transparently with no unexpected fees, false promises or unrealistic return on income rates.

The Complete International Umbrella Service

Taking the decision to work abroad can be a difficult one. Often it involves working away from family and friends in an environment that presents new challenges. Having the support of a respected umbrella company to take care of all your in-country tax and social premium deductions will ease these additional demands.

International Umbrella has over 23 years’ experience of contractor accountancy and international compliance solutions.  We have the required skills, knowledge and  experience, to provide the contractor, recruitment agency and end client, the complete international compliance service.

Contracting Resources

Useful information to help you when contracting abroad.