New Contractor Insurance Policies in Force

New Contractor Insurance Policies in Force


Comprehensive insurance cover protecting you as you work

As of 1st August 2015 International Umbrella’s new comprehensive insurance policies came into force. The new Public Liability, Public Indemnity and Employers Liability have been specifically tailored to meet the requirements of all of our contracts while they work overseas.

Brokered by an umbrella company insurance specialist, these new policies provide the best available protection, demonstrating our commitment to keep our contractors as the core of what we do.

A summary of the benefits are listed below:

  • No requirement to submit non-standard contracts.
  • Flexibility to cater for PSC`s, CIS workers and other sole traders where required.
  • Cover for claims arising worldwide (USA/Canada is available on request).
  • High limits of indemnity available.
  • Excess starting from £250.
  • Can accommodate most high risk activities umbrella employees may be involved in.
  • Wide definition of “business” coverage.
  • Internet and Email cover automatically included.
  • Business HR automatically included.
  • Activities Insured – Umbrella and/or Payroll Services including the Provision of Workers to Third Parties.
  • Professional Indemnity – £3,000,000 any one claim but limited to £5,000,000 any one period of insurance. Defence costs are paid in addition to these limits. A £500 excess applies to each and every claim other than defence costs.
  • Cover is Worldwide however claims cannot be brought in a court within the USA or Canada. A retroactive date exclusion of the inception date of the policy or the date the employee commences employment with you (whichever is the later) will apply.
  • Medical Professions are specifically excluded in the policy wording and a Medical Malpractice Exclusion will apply to confirm this. The attached “Special Limits” apply to high risk trades and professions as outlined on the attachment.
  • Public Liability - £2,000,000 any one claim. A £250 excess applies to each and every claim. Cover is Worldwide excluding USA/Canada. There is no cover for any medical diagnosis or prescription of any medicines and this will be specifically endorsed on to the policy.
  • Employers Liability - £10,000,000 any one claim. Cover is Worldwide however claims can only be brought in a court within the UK.  An inner limit of £5,000,000 applies to Terrorism and Offshore cover.  Offshore is based on a wage roll of £375,000 with all work being white collar.




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