New Work and Security Act changes affect employment laws in The Netherlands as of 1 July 2015

New Work and Security Act changes affect employment laws in The Netherlands as of 1 July 2015


As of 1 July 2015 there are some important changes in the Work and Security Act in The Netherlands that come into force.  These are the second wave of changes following those that were implemented in January 2015. One of the main changes is with regards to the succession chain of fixed term employment contracts.

Under the new changes employees are now entitled to become a permanent employee if they have had more than three successive fixed term contracts, or they have had successive fixed term contracts for two years or more with the same employer.

For contracts to be deemed as successive there must be a period of six months or less between each contract. This new time period between contracts can no longer be seen as a long enough gap to justify a contract new and not successive.

This new succession chain for fixed term contracts means that employers are now obliged under law to review all successive fixed term contracts they have to ascertain the need to offer a permanent contract to employees.

There are other important changes that came into force 1 July 2015 and these include changes to the dismissal laws and transitions allowances. It is important to take advice on all of these changes to the Dutch law if you feel they will or are going to affect you as an employee or employer.






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