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Working for YOU as you work abroad

Benefits and our charges.

We will advise on the best possible solution for you when working overseas. This could be either working through your UK Limited company or using an umbrella service. If an umbrella solution is the best route for you then we will: 

  • Collect key information from you to assist and provide the cornerstone for our advice – this is in the form of a Fact Finding Registration Form, which gathers the information we need to support you and  we ask for this from all contractors coming to us for support.
  • Liaise with your agency, and/or end client, to ensure that we can work together for you, and in many cases request a contract which is signed by International Umbrella (Ltd) and the agency or end client. Sometimes this contract is also signed by the contractor and forms the basis for all support thereafter.
  • Invoice when appropriate for the first gross earnings and chase payments as necessary.
  • On payment of the first invoice we will begin a process of in-country registration, dependent on the country and the timeframes necessary. This is in regard to tax and social premiums.
  • The contractor, under European law, becomes our employee from day one of our engagement with them and when we first invoice for their gross earnings.
  • Up to three month contracts – arrange for social premiums and all other mandatory deductions to be deducted from gross earnings. Often estimates are used in the early weeks.
  • Up to six month contracts – arrange for tax to be deducted in the UK, or in the country of work, dependent on the location and requirements.
  • Contracts which run for more than 6 months will almost always mean paying tax in the country where the contractor is to work. This will be implemented from day one of their work assignment.
  • Should the contractor wish to pay UK NICs instead of social premiums overseas we can arrange for this to be applied for, and will do this for six month + contracts. Form CA3822 is completed and then processed through the Newcastle office of the UK National Insurance Department to grant the contractor an A1 (previously called E101).
  • International Umbrella then pay all the overseas and UK stakeholder agencies according to the final calculations made. International Umbrella is assisted by its overseas ‘partners’ in-country expertise re compliance.
  • Final Payslips are usually guaranteed by month 4 when the estimated calculations must have been stopped. During the first few weeks estimated figures can be provided and International Umbrella is advised in order to ensure sufficient funds remain for disbursements and for our own charges.
  • Figures can be provided for foreign tax returns as necessary as well as mortgage and loan references and for tenancy agreements.
  • Representation of the contractor to the various tax offices as required currently, and in future months/years, to ensure that the contractor does not pay more tax than is necessary to any revenue department.
  • Limosa and other declarations are made to support the contractor as necessary dependent on the country of work.
  • International Umbrella deducts its charges from funds on a monthly basis.
  • All contractor expenses are collected and approved on a monthly basis and copies of these are retained at International Umbrella for six years. We strongly advise that the contractor also keep the originals for a suitable period. They can be used according to the country of work rules to reduce tax payable by contractors. This may be a monthly or eventual benefit, as in some countries it is not permitted for the expenses to be deducted from taxable income each month. In those countries the benefit is derived when the tax return is completed and tax adjustments are made at a later date. The appropriate forms are provided for this exercise. Guidelines are also provided as to what expenses may be claimed by contractors. International Umbrella Ltd has a Dispensation from the UK revenue.
  • International Umbrella Ltd is registered as an employer in the various countries in which we support our contractors.


To find out more about the service we can provide by contacting us here, or calling us on +44 (0) 1564 711 000.


"We support all contractors working overseas no matter from where they originate or sector they work in"

Our Services

  • PAYE locally – including Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Spain and other countries – please enquire.

  • Delivering tax efficient solutions across Europe and Internationally from the dedicated UK office.

  • Best practice – we work transparently with no unexpected fees, false promises or unrealistic return on income rates.

The Complete International Umbrella Service

Taking the decision to work abroad can be a difficult one. Often it involves working away from family and friends in an environment that presents new challenges. Having the support of a respected umbrella company to take care of all your in-country tax and social premium deductions will ease these additional demands.

International Umbrella has over 23 years’ experience of contractor accountancy and international compliance solutions.  We have the required skills, knowledge and  experience, to provide the contractor, recruitment agency and end client, the complete international compliance service.

Contracting Resources

Useful information to help you when contracting abroad.